****** Deutscher Feuergefechts-Server **** abgestürzt

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    • ****** Deutscher Feuergefechts-Server **** abgestürzt

      Es tut mir leid. Ich spreche kein Deutsch.

      Deutscher Feugergefects Server crashed. Now there are not even bots in it lol.

      Not sure where to report that.

      Deutscher Feugergefects Server is the only Firefight server with a regular player population.

      I LOVE playing there.

      But I wish they would make at least one change, to improve the gameplay experience.

      Maybe someone can pass this on to the Deutscher Feugergefects Server Admins?

      Reduce the number of Bots!

      Once there are 12 or 15 human players bots are of no use. Their Uber Aim is annoying. They get in the way of human vs. human strategy.

      PLEASE reduce bot population to 30 or even 20!